The Woppie®


transparent, our promise.

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Your first office-to-go.

We enable you to work comfortably step by step, on the road and everywhere.

The Woppie® is made up of the Woppie®Go and the Woppie®Air. The Woppie®Go, your laptop sleeve with dimensionally stable plate as display protection and air removal during mobile working, and the Woppie®Air, your height-adjustable air cushion, assembled in less than 10 seconds without electronics or pump. You are completely free to use the Woppie® as a whole or to separate the individual products with their full range of functions. Individualise your Woppie® according to your wishes with our additional modules, the Jordies - for a little extrajordinarity. Want to go all the way to the top? The JordiStand takes you one level higher.

At Jodama, we have made it our mission to set the new standard for sustainable mobile working and to make woppiness a matter of course. Based on this, we implement your needs individually through a modular system, because your wishes are important to us.

Woppie Go

The Woppie®Go combines a simple design with an integrated stable plate that protects the display of your devices and absorbs shocks. The integrated plate ensures sufficient air supply for your electronic devices when working on the move. The cover can also be used as a mobile desk pad.

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More products coming in summer 2022

Der Jordie Stand in seiner kompakten Chipkarten-Form.
Der Jordie Stand aufgestellt mit einem Handy im Querformat.
Der Jordie Stand in seiner kompakten Chipkarten-Form.
Der Jordie Stand aufgestellt als Handy Ständer.


Small, like a smart card.
The JordieStand is a multifunctional mobile phone stand that allows you to place your mobile phone on the table or Woppie®Go in different ways. Whether for a video call, reading or checking your appointments. With the JordieStand, you can simply put your mobile phone down.


Du kannst es kaum erwarten Deinen WoppieAir zu bekommen? Da kommt unsere kleine Weihnachtsaktion wie gelegen. Bestell Dir hier Deinen WoppieAir (in Anwendung als WoppieBook oder WoppieTab). Natürlich kommt er noch rechtzeitig zu Dir. Übrigens auch ein tolles Geschenk für Kolleg:innen, wie wir finden.


Next up: The Woppie®Air, as the second part of the Woppie: Our innovative air cushion for your flexibility.